SNS Nails


If you know me, then you probably know I love getting my nails done (as most women do). Unfortunately I am not talented enough to do my own nails -they always come out looking like a five-year-old painted them- so I prefer getting them professionally done.

I've been a huge fan of Shellac since it came out, but now I find myself really liking the SNS system. SNS stands for Signature Nail System. I believe it's a fairly new technique since not a lot of nail salons offer it yet. Fortunately for me, I've found a good salon in Austin that does a great job with SNS. 

The process of applying SNS is quite different from that of Shellac. After choosing your color, the nail technician will bring out the same color in powder form. They dip your nails individually into the powder and apply a thin sealant coat. Usually the tech will dip each nail 2-3 times before applying the final sealing shine. What's great about it, is that there are no UV lights involved, it looks natural, it's light yet durable, and it has Vitamin E and Calcium which help keep nails naturally healthy and strong.

I have also noticed it lasts a bit longer than Shellac, and won't peel off which is awesome because it minimizes the amount of times and trips I take going to the nail salon. I believe the price is about the same as Shellac (probably depends on your salon).

If you know of a salon near you that offers this, I recommend trying it out at least once to see if you like it.